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    Wide-ranging organize over a trading account:

    Are you an iPhone user, we have the MT4 terminal in iOS platform as well with all experiences you lived in MT4 terminal in all
    other platforms.Compatible to all iOS versions and holistic view of user interface helps you to control your trading account,
    orders and analysis in just few clicks, provided with any decent Wi-Fi or internet connection.

    Furthermore, the Edeal Markets iPhone App offers you the following benefits and advantages:

    »   Instant ordering and tracking of previous orders in real time

    »   Multiple window UI enabling side by side analysis and trade execution

    »   All indicators and charting techniques with easy access

    »   Real time updates of rates and P&L of your trades

    »   Lively update of feeds, news and experts advise for better decision making

    »   Eye pleasing interface with color indicators that speed up your live understanding

    »   Access to account statements from historical trades to current days trade