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We at eDeal quote the currency pairs up to five decimals to enable accurate and the best spreads for you. As we quote all major currencies, your trading decision progresses impeccably. We have invested our experience and knowledge to achieve the best in this industry model.

Our margins will be best in class in leveraging your investments and trade the best bids.

With prices measured in 1/10th of a pip the view of the foreign exchange market and its direction is easily attainable in comparison to four digit pricing where figures are 'rounded up' or 'rounded down' where necessary.

Metals & Oil

Commodity CFDs

Commodity CFDs are contracts that mirror the performance of the underlying commodity with the futures prices calculated as the difference between the purchase price and the selling price, hence the term 'contract for difference'.

Edeal Markets offer a number of commodity and metals CFDs. These range from the soft commodities of wheat, sugar, coffee and corn to the metals palladium, platinum and copper.

Why trade commodity CFDs;

  • »    Buy if you think the market is rising or sell if you believe that it is overpriced
  • »    Open a position with as little as USD $10 for a 0.01 lot position.
  • »    No commissions are charged on Commodity CFDs.
  • »    Please note that Commodity CFDs have a market expiry date.

Trading Hours

Market trading hours are an important factor when trading CFDs. If you have an open position when the markets close, this means you will not be able to close your trade until the market re-opens again the next trading day. Just like many of the traded markets, volatility is also present in the commodity markets. This means that the opening price at the start of the next trading session can be vastly different from the closing price in the previous trading session and as a result you can see large swings in profit and loss. Please see contract specifications for more details.